Monday, 6 April 2015

Baroque Cosmetics Review: Art Nouveau Blushes, Part 1

Baroque Cosmetics is probably my favourite indie brand. I've ordered twice so far with a third order coming up, and a ton of shadows ready for swatching and review! Andi, the owner, has been nothing but helpful with any concerns I have. She has recently released a new line of blushes, adding to her original five. A perfect time, I thought, to put up this review of the original five!

The blushes are $1.50 for a sample baggie, $8.00 full size, $6.00 for the sample set of the new collection, $35.00 for full sizes of the new collection, $12.00 for the sample set of all ten, and $70 for the full size set of ten.

The original line up of blushes include, in this order from top to bottom: Sonrel Not Sonrel, Such Galle, Mucha Ado About Nothing, I'd Hate Toulouse You, and Klimt Eastwood.

Here's another angle of all five blushes, all in sunlight from my window. The small swatches are packed, small swipes with my finger, whereas underneath I've blended them out to try and imitate what they would look like when worn. As you can see, even when blended out they're still very pigmented. 

Sonrel Not Sonrel: A lovely cool toned pale fuschia.
I got this as a sample in my last review, talking about how much I enjoyed this blush. I thought the cool tones would clash with my semi-warm undertones, but that wasn't the case. It gives me a nice, natural looking flush. It's super blendable and I really like it!

Such Galle: A midtone pink with slight shimmer.
I'm glad this is actually shimmery and not glittery. This is a cute pink, perfect for spring. Again, super easy to blend. I wear this when I want something less flushed than Sonrel Not Sonrel, especially when I'm pairing my blush with lighter colors.

Mucha Ado About Nothing: A soft rose blush with some shimmer.
This blush turns a bit orange on me, but not hugely so. You can see the shimmer in this, but on the face it's not nearly as apparent, giving more of a glow than anything.

I'd Hate Toulouse You: A midtone red with slight shimmer.
Again, this pulls orange on me, but I don't mind too much. I rarely wear red blush to begin with, so this midtone colour works perfectly for me.

Klimt Eastwood: A yellow orange with slight shimmer.
Definitely more yellow than orange, this blush was the only one I found to be a bit patchy during application. It also makes me look sickly thanks to my yellow tones. However, someone on the /r/Indiemakeupandmore subreddit mentioned that Klimt Eastwood works wonderfully as a layer on top of other blushes to change their hue, including the other blushes in Baroque's line. The results were really amazing -- almost like getting twice the amount of blush. I wouldn't personally purchase this one again, but it won't be put to waste, either.

Below are some more pictures at various angles/lighting, to give a better idea of the colours!

Top: Sonrel Not Sonrel; Bottom: Such Galle
Top: Mucha Ado About Nothing; Bottom: I'd Hate Toulouse You
Top: I'd Hate Toulouse You; Bottom: Klimt Eastwood
All in all, I found Baroque's blushes to be super high quality and easy to blend for the most part. They're incredibly pigmented and don't go overboard on the shimmer. The new colours to her line include a true orange, a coral, a magenta pink, and both a cool and warm (!!!) purple. I'm definitely picking them up soon!

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